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Psd2Xcode – Simplified App Development


    Design everything in Photoshop® – Let Psd2Xcode do the magic – Get your design in Xcode®

    Let Psd2Xcode do the magic

    The Tool itself is extremly easy to use. Just open your PSD-File, choose between a specific and an universal layout and choose the Xcode project you want the design to be applied with. Psd2Xcode will generate the storyboard and all assets for your App, including all image sizes needed.

    Get your design in Xcode®

    Your Xcode project will be updated instantly with the new content Psd2xcode has generated from your psd-file. Designer and Developer can work completely independant. Changes in the design can be easily applied by using Psd2Xcode again. Segues, Constraints and additional UI elemnts will be preserved.

    ATTENTION: Psd2Xcode is not compatible with the newest version of Xcode! Unluckily there won’t be any updates so far…

    When we releases PSD2XCode in 2016 it became really popular for developers. As we are a small developer team, we could not manage to follow all updates of Photoshop® and Xcode. So we asked Adobe & Apple for support. Unluckily we got no response and we had to stop the production of PSD2XCode. That’s a pitty, as until now there is no comparable software, that connects design & programming as PSD2XCode did.